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Q: What is kickboxing?

A: Kickboxing is one of the youngest martial arts systems; it has been in existence since the early 60’s and is also one of the fastest growing martial arts. It creates a high level of fitness, both mentally and physically, and is a dynamic and effective Martial Art. It incorporates kicking, punching and sweeping.

Q: What are the benefits of kickboxing training?

A: There are many reasons that people choose to become martial artists instead of, for example, joining a gym. Some of the benefits of kickboxing training are: increase in cardiovascular fitness and muscle strength, improving flexibility and balance, discipline, improvements in physical and mental health, increase in self-confidence and self-esteem, the development of friendships and gaining a community.

Q: How long is a kickboxing class?

A: Every class is one hour in WPMA, however the only exception to this is the Friday night sparring class (Advanced Adult Programme only) which is one and a half hours.

Q: What is involved in a kickboxing class?

A: There are several different classes held in WPMA. Each class consists of: a warm up and stretch for 20 minutes, and then the core of the class for the remaining 40 minutes, which ranges from fitness and padwork to technique and sparring.

Q: Who can take part?

A: WPMA has classes that caters to everyone from 4+ years of age. Anyone can feel free to take part in our classes as they are structured so that you will never feel out of your depth. See our ‘Classes’ tab for more information about classes!

Q: How often can I train?

A: WPMA runs classes every day Tuesday to Saturday. Please check our timetable to see which classes suit you or get in touch to find out more about when you could train.

Q: How do I progress?

A: WPMA holds gradings for Lil’ Dragons and Wolfcubs every two months. For Adults and Juniours, gradings are every three months for lower belts (Red to Blue) and from then on, every six months for higher belts (Blue-Black to Black). Your instructor will let you know if they believe you are ready to grade.

Q: Will I feel or look silly?

A: Kickboxing does not come naturally, as with any sport. However the more work and effort you put into training, the more natural it will feel. Everyone starts the same way so it really isn’t anything to worry about!

Q: What should I wear?

A: For your first class, you should wear normal training clothes i.e. tracksuit bottoms/shorts/leggings and a t-shirt/sports top/vest, anything you feel comfortable in and don’t mind getting sweaty in! WPMA trains on a matted area, so you do not need trainers as we train barefoot. Just take your shoes and socks off before your class starts.

Q: Do I need specialised equipment?

A: For your first class, you will not need any specialised equipment. As you advance, equipment such as gloves will be able to be borrowed from WPMA, however many prefer to bring their own. If you intend on sparring regularly, instructors will also advise you to purchase your own equipment. Q: How long does it take to get to black belt? A: WPMA prides themselves on the standard of their black belts so, as with anything, to become a black belt from WPMA require a lot of hard work and dedication. It currently takes about 5 to 9 years to become a black belt.

Q: Can I compete?

A: If competing is what you are looking to do, students at WPMA can compete in Kickboxing Point Fighting and/or Light Contact regularly throughout the year. Get in touch if you have any more questions about competing.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: Please Contact Us for more information on costs – we will more than happy to help you!

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