Adult Kickboxing Bootcamp

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Adult Kickboxing Bootcamp

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This programme has been designed by kickboxing duo Kevin and Natasha Baldwin who, as coach and fighter, have gone through many preparation camps for domestic, British , European and World glory.

Programme Details:

You have 2 sessions a week, one on Tuesday at 7.00 pm and the other Thursday at 7.00 pm. The two biggest elements of any successful fighter is commitment and discipline, this is why we start only for the majority of the programme!

Class Times:

Tuesday at 7.00pm

Thursday at 7.00pm

Key Topics:

What will you be doing in the class?

  • Pad Work

  • Bag Work

  • Skipping

  • Footwork Drills

  • Plyometric Box

  • Kettle-bells

Actives may be conducted indoors and outdoors.